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We invite you to explore the creative and innovative world of custom photo album creation at Bon Match Albums.

Bon Match Albums has been in business for 9 years. Our primary goal has always been to provide professional photographers with high quality, custom designed photography albums that will offer a beautiful presentation of their images, that will in turn thrill their clientele. Whether the pictures are taken for a wedding, a family portrait sitting, the growth of children, a graduate senior's portrait, or any other occasion, they mark an important time in people's lives, and an album is a classic and stylish way to tell the story of what made that time special. We love having the opportunity to be a part of creating a lasting memory, and a story that can be told again and again.

Bon Match Albums is owned and operated by Rachel Kim and Tony Oh, and their combined knowledge and experience allows us to offer an unparalleled level of service. Rachel's training in business and customer relations allows her to anticipate our members' needs often even before they ask, and she is dedicated to offering them a consistent and positive experience with our albums and our service. Tony has 20 years of experience as a professional photographer, both in Korea and in Canada, and that experience gives him the ability to see the albums with the eye of an artist, and not just a businessman.

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We also have our own factory, where all of our designing and production takes place. Having the factory gives Tony and Rachel full control over the quality, the creation time, and the cost of each album, and gives us the ability to offer a quality product at very competitive prices.

At Bon Match Albums we are proud to be able to offer our albums and our services around the world, but we take special pride in our Canadian roots. As a Canadian company we are totally in support of our Canadian photographers, and we love the fact that our photographers can firmly take their place with the best on the world stage.

If your desire is to create an exceptional presentation of your photographs that will proclaim not only your professional ability, but also your commitment to helping people keep their dreams and memories alive, then come and visit us at Bon Match Albums, and we will make your wishes come true.

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